Agriculture Program Purpose

 Senegalese Communities will improve their food security.*


Goal 1: Rural Senegalese farmers will improve crop management skills.

Goal 2: Senegalese community members will intensify fruit and vegetable production.


Urban Agriculture and Sustainable (rural) Agriculture Volunteers work with farmers, women’s market garden groups, school gardens, hospital gardens, community gardens and demonstration gardens.

Volunteers work to improve seed extension and support, extend erosion control and water catchment techniques such as earthworks (dams, swales, contour berms, etc.) improve field crop management techniques such as soil preparation, soil amendment, seeding, thinning, pest control, timely weeding, and timely harvest. Volunteers teach seed selection and storage techniques, improved gardening technologies such as improved varieties, double digging, hexagonal planting, companion planting, organic pesticides, drip irrigation, and mulching. Agriculture Volunteers also extend fruit tree propagation techniques including: tree sack filling, tree nursery development, tree out planting, moringa intensive bed preparation, planting and harvesting, moringa extensive planting.

Agriculture Gallery

Agriculture Project Framework


*USAID defines “food security” as “when all people at all times have both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a productive and healthy life.”


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